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First and foremost, AmaElla lingerie is beautiful. A quick look at their Instagram or website will show you an artful combination of strong and delicate colours and patterns. Deep navy velvet trim on crisp white linen sits alongside delicate florals in lilac and blue and the softest blush pink… and (spoiler alert) there’s red to come. Sounds like I have ...

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Ethical fashion in plus sizes

A friend has asked me to put together a list of ethical brands which cater to size 18-20… Here is what I could find: Gudrun Sjoden – always a favourite for beautiful shapes and colours in all sizes. You’ll love the fact they use a diverse range of models, and that the clothing wears well. Save some cash by signing ...

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Monkee Genes

ethical fashion denim jeans brand Monkee Genes

Monkee Genes: everything you could ask for in an ethical denim jeans brand, and very loud and proud about promoting their values. The first thing you see when you open a parcel from Monkey Genes is one big, bold label announcing… ‘No slave labour, no child labour, no blood, no sweat, no tears.’ …doesn’t that make you happy? Because this ...

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Katharine Hamnett

Ethical fashionista Katharine Hamnett

There are sooooo many reasons to love Katharine Hamnett! …because she has been sassy forever, advising the world on all the biggest issues via slogan t-shirts: From CHOOSE LIFE in 1981 to CHOOSE LOVE in 2017 with EDUCATION NOT MISSILES, WORLDWIDE NUCLEAR BAN NOW, PEACE, SAVE THE WORLD, SAVE OUR SEAS, SAVE THE FUTURE and CANCEL BREXIT to name just ...

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Acne Studios

ethical outerwear

Suddenly, we all want Acne… Acne Studios is an ethical ready-to-wear fashion brand which features sublimely quirky tailoring and an eclectic mix of custom-developed fabrics. You get the feeling that every detail on every garment is unique to the brand, down to the last oversized button, asymmetrical collar or monogrammed feature-zipper. It’s a bold brand – you won’t find someone ...

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Seasalt coats

My go-to brand for coats has to be Seasalt. Whether you’re looking for light weight or heavy duty, long or short, brightly coloured or understated, Seasalt is the place to start. When I moved to the UK from Australia I had no idea of the need for such a variety of outerwear – one leather jacket, one denim jacket and ...

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BAM bamboo clothing

BAM Bamboo clothing make a wide range of activewear products. It’s a company with ethics at the heart of the business, preferring to treat customers and everyone along the supply chain well – even if it makes a little less profit. They’re also really into their eco-credentials, and provide lots of information on their website about why they use bamboo ...

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