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ethical fashion denim jeans brand Monkee GenesMonkee Genes: everything you could ask for in an ethical denim jeans brand, and very loud and proud about promoting their values.

The first thing you see when you open a parcel from Monkey Genes is one big, bold label announcing…

‘No slave labour, no child labour, no blood, no sweat, no tears.’

…doesn’t that make you happy?

Because this is a website about ethical fashion, let’s talk ethics first. Monkee Genes was founded in by Phil Wildbore who “wanted to prove that there is such a thing as looking fashionable whilst supporting sustainability”. Denim garments are notoriously difficult to produce in a social and environmentally responsible way, but by using organic cotton and sourcing GOTS Certified factories, Monkee Genes are able to reduce the negative impact of their products on everyone along the supply chain.

From the cotton farmer who isn’t getting lungs full of chemicals and is able to fairly trade his product; the habitat and biofauna that aren’t getting doused with insecticides; the people who handle, spin and transform the cotton into denim; and those turning swathes of fabric into pairs of jeans… Monkee Genes are putting ethics at the heart of their production.

“We work hard to protect the people who make our clothes, working closely with our factories to ensure safe working conditions and a decent living wage. Our commitment to ethics paired with a innovative fits offers a point of difference to the denim market. All organic, all ethically produced, all fairly made!” Round of applause here please.

Now let’s talk fashion…

Monkee Genes fit guide ethical fashion denim jeans brand

Something for EVERYONE!! I’ve been buying Monkee Genes since I first became properly aware of ethical fashion, in 2010. Their range has increased and improved over that time, and their fabric and fit has remained superb. My one gripe with them was that they didn’t do a high waist… but now they do!! Hello Jane (see above!), the perfect jean in every way!

Whatever ever your preferred fit is, choose from a variety of colours and washes, and make sure they’re perfect for you with either a regular or long cut.

And there’s even more styles for men to choose from…

Ethical mens denim brand jeans Monkee Genes

Pricing is very reasonable too and might even make you question why designer jeans with unknown provenance could possibly cost so much more…

ethical danim jeans brand Monkee Genes

Me and my gal, Lila, in our Monkee Genes jeans


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