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Thanks for sharing the journey for the last five years… and here’s to the future with our shiny new home, Stripped Bare Fashion!

It’s time to say goodbye to Diamonds And Daisychains… and hello to the Stripped Bare Fashion!

There’s a new website and change of name, but we remain focussed on our commitment to ethical fashion… where to buy it, how to style it and why it’s so important to understand the social and ecological impact of the clothes we buy.

It’s been quite a journey… from the beginning of our Ethical Shopping Campaign, to our involvement in Fashion Revolution Day to Editor Kate Harcourt’s invitation to speak at the European Parliament’s The hands that sew my shirt conference.

As ever we’d love to hear from you about new brands, ideas or services you think we can promote on the website. Drop us a line or check out our media page for more specific information on what we’re looking for.