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Beautiful organic cotton pyjama set… dreamy floaty!

First and foremost, AmaElla lingerie is beautiful.

A quick look at their Instagram or website will show you an artful combination of strong and delicate colours and patterns. Deep navy velvet trim on crisp white linen sits alongside delicate florals in lilac and blue and the softest blush pink… and (spoiler alert) there’s red to come. Sounds like I have inside information? I do, but more about that later.

Luckily, the enticing look of AmaElla’s nightwear and underwear is matched by how it feels. You’re going to want to put it on. I’d describe it as the perfect balance between thickness and softness to feel lovely against the skin without compromising on support.

Each piece is designed to make a female body look and feel its best. Careful consideration has been given to front opening bras and knickers with a tie on the side. Everything is flexible and comfortable – no underwires or spiky catches anywhere.

And guess what else… AmaElla have asked me to work with them!

It was such a privilege to take part in a recent shoot for their upcoming product launches and meet some of the people behind the brand, including brand co-founder Lara Miller. Lara has clearly been passionate about the environment for some time. She described how her knowledge of the massive polluting effects of conventional cotton production combined with an eye-opening experience volunteering in Madagascan marine conservation gave rise to the idea of creating organic cotton lingerie.

Super soft and comfy and made from organic cotton

Environmental sustainability

AmaElla’s commitment to sustainability is multi-faceted. Their lingerie is made using GOTS certified organic cotton and prints are created using GOTS certified printing. You can read an explanation of both here.

Also of major environmental impact is the lifespan of each product. It’s shocking to know that according to a report in the Mail Online, most garments are worn as few as seven times each before being sent to landfill or donated to a charity store in the unlikely hope that someone else will treasure our trash.

You’ll be pleased to know then that AmaElla’s garments are created with a view to durability and longevity. From sourcing the best quality fabrics to the skillful design and fitting process and meticulous construction AmaElla promise their goodies are as good as new even after 50 washes!

Who made AmaElla’s lingerie? These people… these actual, real, hardworking, skilfull people

Social responsibility

To date, AmaElla have partnered with garment manufacturers in the UK and Portugal, to support the development of valuable skills in safe, properly paid careers. Both partners have a focus on providing opportunities and training to young women.

Body positivity

So, how can I help a brand which seems to have everything so thoroughly sorted? As well as spreading the word here, I’ll be featuring in their social media as well as sharing my favourite pieces and images from the shoot via Instagram. Yes! As well as all their other admirable qualities, AmaElla are totally body and age positive, choosing to promote their brand using a diverse range of models and aiming to make us all feel great about ourselves. To say I’m nervous about seeing my 46-year-old, post-six-baby-body on screen is an understatement! But I love the brand and all it stands for so much that I’m doing it anyway.

The bottom line

AmaElla: sensuous, organic lingerie… thoughtfully designed… well made… with maximum positive social impact and environmental sustainability right at the heart of every lovely piece.

Shop AmaElla here

See AmaElla on Instagram here

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