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Ethical fashion in plus sizes

A friend has asked me to put together a list of ethical brands which cater to size 18-20…

Here is what I could find:

Gudrun Sjoden – always a favourite for beautiful shapes and colours in all sizes. You’ll love the fact they use a diverse range of models, and that the clothing wears well. Save some cash by signing up for the catalogue and taking advantage of their early bird and club prices.

There’s also lovely, lovely Seasalt, which goes up to a 26 on some sizes, and fairly regularly up to a 20. I particularly like their dresses and coats which I find very generous. I also like that everything is designed to be worn with a bra and offers good coverage on backs and arms. There’s no skimping on fabric to make a cheaper piece of clothing, but equally, it’s not too expensive. Another rare feature of Seasalt is that you can find them on the High Street, so you can pop in and try things on to make sure you’ve got the right size… then make future purchases online if you prefer.

Here’s a new discovery! Ulla Popken! I love finding new brands to love and tell people about! If you’re just starting your ethical fashion journey and want to dip your toe in the water with some not-too-pricey items, this website is really exciting. Sale items and a designated Outlet link, as well as reasonable prices on the non-sale items too. They’re not Primark prices, but that’s because they’re not made by child slaves… I digress. Sizes start at a 16, so you know you’re buying clothing that is especially made for your size and shape… and there’s A LOT to choose from.

If you’re looking for ethical swimwear and lingerie – some pretty retro, some super sexy, some just straight-down-the-line lovely – check out Kiss Me Deadly. (I hear it like Scarlett O’Hara saying, “Kiss me Rhett,” and you might too, now. Sorry.) Kiss Me Deadly is an independent, UK based lingerie brand who produce their own range as well as retailing other independent brands. They’re online only, so your first purchase is a leap of faith, but don’t hesitate to contact them for assistance if you need to. Lots and lots of different shapes and sizes, diverse body types are definitely celebrated and  you can even sort products by size you don’t end up accidentally falling in love with something that doesn’t come in your size.

I’ve got to go and wanted to post this today, so publishing and dashing off! Just quickly though… while doing my research for this I also found an article which details a number of interesting looking brands from USA and Canada. It’s worth checking through as I’m sure some would happily ship to other parts of the world… Article is here.

Let me know if you’ve had good experiences with any of these brands or if you know of brands I should add to the list kate@strippedbarefashion.com

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