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PICO pants

PICO pants, organic, ethically made pants for men and womenThere’s ethical fashion which isn’t as bad as fast fashion, and then there’s ethical fashion which is beautiful, inspiring and thoroughly lovable. PICO is the latter.

Before we even start talking pants, you have to pop over to their website and have a look at the story of how their product is made… It strikes me that the first image is of organic cotton seeds, but they are not seeds alone, they are in the hands of the farmer who sows then. He/ She is the very first person in so many garment supply chains, whose life is undoubtedly improved by not being exposed to chemical farming. And on the story goes, through each process, detailing how PICO choose to minimise environmental impact and maximise social responsibility.

After their pants are constructed in a Fairtrade factory in India, they are shipped to the UK and appear online, ready for us to buy. When they arrive you’ll even find the packaging thoughtful, stylish and simple!

PICO trunks organic and fairtradeMen’s trunks

I was lucky enough to stumble across the PICO team at Fare Healthy, in 2016. I bought a pair of trunks for my boyfriend, who loved them so much he bought another three, and then another three and then another! He’s such a fan. Their “dark-navy grey” (which I have until researching this post thought was black) Trunk Shorts are really soft, comfortable and well fitting with a front pocket opening, and their New Trunks are slightly slimmer and fly-free.

Women’s knickers and briefs

I can’t say generally that I’m a fan of Big Knickers… or at least I wasn’t until my dear friend and Pilates teacher, Suzi, told me how confronting it is at times when her Pilates students bend and stretch in almost any kind of legging. Are you with me on the visual? (ie even if you prefer scanty panties for general wear, spare a thought for exercise instructors and consider investing in some of these…)

So I bought myself a couple of pairs for decency, and have to say, whether it’s the beautiful cut or the super soft organic fabric they’re made from, PICO pants can’t be beaten for comfort.

Naturally, I bought Suzi a couple of pairs of PICO pants for her birthday and she is now a convert too.

More than just pants… about PICO

PICO pants looks to be the first project run by two fashion and ethics inspired women. On their website, it’s really interesting to read about their careers and business development to date, and to see the whole supply and production chain illustrated so clearly. Here’s hoping for more exciting projects from these two in the near future!

PICO pants full briefs for women organic fairtrade

Do you know an underwear retailer with great ethics at the heart of their business? We’re always looking for interesting brands to feature… check out our media page for more information and get in touch.

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