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Vegan Rice Crispie Cakes or Twilight Slice

Vegan mars bar slice rice crispie cakesCall them rice crispie cakes or Mars Bar slices, this is a vegan version which is super easy (the children could make it themselves)… Mars Bars have been substituted with Twilight bars by Go Max Go and butter is replaced with coconut products. It’s not the work of genius and I’m not even pretending this is somehow healthy or cheap… but it is delicious and if you’re keen to get the whole family to try plant-based food this might win them over for a few minutes at least.


4 x Twilight bars

60g coconut oil and 15g coconut butter (If you’re in Australia use 85g Copha!! – it’s the best product for this recipe but sadly only available downunder)

75g Puffed rice


Heat resistant glass bowl and saucepan that fit together to create a bain marie

Large mixing bowl

20cm x 20cm baking tray

Baking tray liner such as Bake-o-glide or non stick baking paper

Mixing spoons and measuring scales


Break up Twilight bars and put in glass bowl with the coconut oil/butter or Copha.

Sit bowl over a gently boiling saucepan of water to slowly melt the ingredients together.

Stir mixture and take off the heat as soon as it is melted.

Measure puffed rice into a large mixing bowl.

Tip chocolate mixture over puffed rice and stir gently (but quickly before it solidifies) to combine. Be careful not to crush the puffed rice too much.

Pour mixture into lined tray and gently press so it is evenly spread and flat on top.

Put tray into fridge to cool and set. This should only take 30 minutes.

Cut into small cubes, or longer bar-shapes as you prefer.

Store in airtight glass container.

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