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Vegan sourdough hot cross buns

These were so good I have to share! Most of my recipes are subsistence recipes… simple, nutritious food for staying alive. Really nothing fancy. One of my staples is sourdough bread and I experimented on this hot cross bun recipe as a way of using the “discard”. I crossed a cinnamon bun recipe with a hot cross bun recipe, swapped ...

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If you’re thinking life’s too short to make my own tahini, I hear you. I too am very happy to use well made store bought items in everyday recipes. However, I love lots of food that benefits from tahini (humous, chocolate chip cookies and tahini dressing just to name a few…) and I really don’t like the bitterness of lots ...

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Vegan lentil pies

Makes 4 x 12cm pies, or six x 10cm pies… or one big one if you prefer! A few friends have asked me recently for recipe ideas… this is a very unusual occurrence, and obviously based on being vegan/ vegetarian more than my famous culinary skills! So this is an absolute basic… In my book, lentil pies are a stand ...

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Vegan Rice Crispie Cakes or Twilight Slice

Vegan mars bar slice rice crispie cakes

Call them rice crispie cakes or Mars Bar slices, this is a vegan version which is super easy (the children could make it themselves)… Mars Bars have been substituted with Twilight bars by Go Max Go and butter is replaced with coconut products. It’s not the work of genius and I’m not even pretending this is somehow healthy or cheap… ...

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Simple bread using a bread machine

Kate Harcourt bread dough fail-safe recipe

Fail-safe bread recipe This is an absolute fail-safe bread recipe. It’s so easy and so satisfying. It’s an adaptation of a recipe given to me by my niece, Anna. So long as you use strong bread flour, you can use any combination of grain you fancy: kamut (also known as khorasan), rye and spelt are all great, high-protein alternatives to ...

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Gluten free wholemeal flour

Spoonful of homemade gluten free wholemeal flour

Besides making a delicious and wholesome raw baking ingredient, this is the most useful and least wasteful way to use the nutritious by-product of homemade Vegan mylk. You’re not really going to make this by itself, you’ll start by following my mylk recipe and when you get to the part that says “…you will have about a cup of pulverized ...

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Vegan mylk

Making your own organic vegan mylk is so easy and so delicious! Whats more you know there’s nothing but the wholesome ingredients you put in, and no heat treatments (like used for supermarket varieties) which might reduce the goodness of your raw ingredients. Making your own mylk also provides you with a nutritious, gluten free by-product – Wholemeal Flour! – ...

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Vegan superfood salad

I’m not a foodie of any worthy note, in fact my lifelong enjoyment of vegan, vegetarian and raw food has often convinced me that I am the opposite of a foodie! But Summer is coming and I have a recipe for a colourful and delicious salad that has only met with approval from friends and family, so here it is… ...

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