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Nobody’s Child

Ethical fashion for teens and young people

While organic and ethical babies’ and children’s clothing abounds, it suddenly dries up once your child turns about ten. By the time you have a teenager, you are often left with few options that are nothing short of compromise. This brand saves the day.

Mums and Dads looking to help their teens make sweatshop free fashion choices are going to love this one… Nobody’s Child. And the best bit is, your teens are going to love it too! And they’ll keep loving it right up until their twenties and thirties… The dresses might not be lined, the back might not cover bra straps and the tops might reveal a midriff, but that’s what they are supposed to be like! Garments are well and consciously made and not intended for those of us with, let’s say more mature expectations from our clothing.

Having said that, I’ve borrowed a few Nobody’s Child pieces from my daughter and loved wearing them myself. I’ve also shopped their accessories – lots of cute bags and sunglasses – which make perfect presents for Tweens.

Edgy cuts and up to the minute styling…

My eldest daughter was actually the first person in our house to discover Nobody’s Child and couldn’t wait to sit me down in front of the computer to peruse their fashion forward range. Edgy cuts, up-to-the minute detailing and styling which shows you exactly how to wear their garment right now. It’s become very much the go-to brand for both my teenage daughters.

Eco credentials

Environmentally, Nobody’s Child promote their hatred of waste and control their production process from fabric design and dyeing to knitwear, all in their own factories in the UK, Europe and Asia. More information here on their ethical credentials.

I think you’ll love it because…

And if you – or your youngster – think you can’t afford ethical fashion, think again. These are well made, sweatshop free garments at high street prices.

Topping it all off, the Nobody’s Business magazine is a lot of fun with styling and lifestyle tips that appeal to anyone interested in social media, vlogging, styling and young women’s issues (#girlpower hello!) …and there’s 15% student discount.

I’d love to hear about ethical fashion brands your young people love! Email me at kate@strippedbarefashion.com or visit the media page for more details.

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