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Back to Page 3 boobs, so what?

It was a good thing that The Sun removed topless women from its page 3. Boobs aren’t news and they don’t belong in a so-called “family newspaper” for ogling purposes. The idea is as ridiculously out-of-date as pinching a good looking stranger on the bottom while winking and saying, “hey foxy lady”. No. You just don’t do it. It’s lecherous ...

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Radio 4’s series, The Value of Failure, has really got me thinking. Apparently, failure is a good thing. Who knew?? Personally, I’ve experienced plenty of failure: failed friendships, failed pregnancies, failed romances, failed jobs… and my kitchen failures are verging on paranormal! (Which is why I post recipes here – I get so excited if something works out well that ...

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Oh Gary, how could you?

This post was the Mumsnet Blog of the Day on May 14th, 2014… thanks for the support Mumsnet, we consider it an honour! — Oh Gary, how could you? You were my favourite boy from a boyband… who turned into my favourite man from a manband… and then went on to be a lovely husband and dad who showed himself ...

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Struggling to be ethical

Be grateful for small mercies, Kate. Well, I am trying to be, but sometimes it’s so frustrating to see something that you really believe in making such slow progress. I’m talking about our ethical clothing campaign. I guess that I expected the rest of the world to have the same reaction as I did when I saw the Rana Plaza ...

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Going to Brussells

This is the first update on the progress of our petition calling for mandatory clothing labels which indicate the working conditions of the people who made them. If you’d like to sign the petition, it’s here: ***No it’s not any more! PETITION NOW CLOSED Exciting news! Our voices have been heard! I have been invited to go to Brussels to ...

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